This site has been designed as an informative guide for those who are planning on a vacation in Egypt. It covers the most important aspects that travelers to this country need to know. This visitors guide site has been segregated into sections for easy referencing.


One of the important activities that are carried out by many who visit Egypt is their sightseeing excursions. This section of the guide is going to provide some useful information about important sights to see. Also, give some tips on how to plan your time to make the most of it for sightseeing.

Travelling in Egypt

This section holds a selection of information that revolves around different travel topic while in Egypt. It will intrigue you with some of the modes of travel. Then there are some tips for visiting with the kids. There is also a special section dedicated to the honeymooners who have chosen Egypt as their destination.

Best Hotels

Your accommodation is going to be important during your stay in Egypt. Here there is some information for family stays, as well as some insight as to the more luxurious hotels. Then for those on a budget, there is some great information about cheap but quality hotels.

Keeping up with the News

This is a section with a mix of information that can be considered newsworthy because it is important for those that are going to be visiting the country. For example, there are some references to the relationship of this country with the US. Then for sports lovers they are going to like the posts that we have included about this.