Ancient Egyptian Women in the News

A recent news article in CNN talked about the ancient women of Egypt and the misconception that many people in other parts of the world had about them. The news story paints a totally different story of the women of Ancient Egypt as opposed to what many people realize.

Equal Rights

For a classic perception of Egyptian women many rely on images they see of these women in their habitual dresses. There are Greek historians going back to the fifth century BC that observed the role of women during that era. It was discovered that many of the women were the ones involved in trade while the men took on the stay at home role where they would participate in basket weaving. Women at that time were considered to be on par with the men. These women it seems didn’t have to fight for equal rights because they already had them. The ancient women of Egypt were allowed to divorce if they chose to do so. They also could be property owners.

Women of Stature

While many may think that the ancient women were subservient and did not have much substance, some of the museums in Egypt tell a very different story. Some of the tombs discovered show that some women were buried with items that were considered to be of great value during that time of Egyptian civilization. Some had wigs made of human hair buried with them. Along with expensive jewels. Most of this stature was attributed to the ancient Queens of the time. Many of the common women of ancient Egypt were not privy to the same wealth and stature and faced many challenges of poverty. But at the same time, this did not change their equality with men.

It is most interesting to see that many of the ancient women of Egypt had what many women in other countries are fighting for today.

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