There are those that are going to be visiting Egypt with some clear intentions in mind. Their plan is to be out and about for the majority of the days spent here. For these people, they don’t want to spend a lot of money on their accommodation. There is no need to pay for those extra amenities that they wouldn’t be using. For them, the focus is on cheap Hotels. Many that are classed as cheap are still comprised of quality. The most important factors for visitors are that their accommodation is clean and well kept. The following are some of the more popular choices when it comes to cheap hotels in Egypt.

Osiris Hotel

This is classed as a two-star hotel. Everything about it is basic. But, the rooms are comfortable and there are non-smoking rooms available. It has an oriental flair to it when it comes to the décor. The atmosphere is comfortable with its air-conditioned rooms. There is a roof terrace for guests to enjoy. Breakfast is included with the cost. The location is great as it is right in the heart of downtown Cairo. The price range for the rooms is between $25 to $58.

Museum House Hotel

Again another budget hotel located in Cairo. Many reports that the hosts here treat their guests like family. The hotel has both laundry and kitchen facilities. It is close to some of the favorite attractions that appeal to tourists. This Hotel is ideal for those who want to have a longer stay in Egypt with affordable accommodation. Breakfast is included with the costs. Prices for rooms range from $21 to $36.

These are just a few examples of the cheap hotels that are available in Egypt. The majority of them are two-star hotels. They only offer the basics but for many travelers, this is enough.