Egypt’s Presidential Election in the News

Like every country, Egypt has its share of political challenges. The latest election in 2018 was a testament of this. One of the issues faced was a lack of candidates. There was much speculation as to why this took place.

A recent news article explains in depth some of the obstacles that many of the Egyptian politicians faced when trying to become a candidate for the presidential position. In any event, the outcome was that President Abdel Fattah el-Sis won by 95% of the vote and will take up another term.

Tourism in Egypt

Under the reign of Sis in his previous term, the tourism in Egypt remained strong. There are many that flock to Egypt as tourists throughout the year. One of their favorite places of many to stay at is in the city of Cairo. Here many four and five-star Hotels can be found, all of which offer their guests the very best in accommodation when it comes to comfort and entertainment.

The Hotels in Egypt play an important role in making staying in Egypt pleasant. Many of the tourists will spend their days’ sightseeing. Some of the main attractions include the Pyramids of Giza and the Valley of the Kings.

Relaxation time is often spent at the Hotel establishments where many of the rooms offer magnificent views of the Egyptian landscape. Then there are a variety of different forms of entertainment. Most of the Hotels have club setting that includes their own Casinos. Fine dining is one of the other enjoyments for guests in Egypt. For those who wish to see another side of Egypt at night, there are plenty of night tours that are arranged just for tourists. It really is a country that is capable of offering everything a traveller wants and needs when vacationing.

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