Travel tips can be comprised of suggestions of things to do while staying and traveling throughout Egypt. They can also be tips about the physical mode of travel while here in this country. This is quite interesting because the different modes of travel can sometimes take visitors by surprise.


This mode of travel is probably a version that most travelers would be familiar with. It is much like a Minivan that can seat up to fourteen passengers. These are privately owned by Egyptian residents that are making their living by providing transportation for both residents and tourists. Much like a bus system, they follow the same routes as buses would.


For traveling around some of the smaller towns visitors will most likely be able to utilise the tuk-tuks. These are just small scooters with seats. You will have the option to try and negotiate the price. But, some of their owners drive hard bargains with set prices.

Pick-Up Trucks

You may also be able to hitch a ride in one of the covered pickup trucks. This is a first come first served mode of travel. When traveling about this way you are really roughing it. This mode of travel is often used between the small towns.

Modern Transport

When you are staying in the larger cities like Cairo you will have your choice of modern transportation. There is a bus system as well as a subway system. Very common to what most travelers are used to.

There is also taxi services as well as Uber services.

It really is an adventure to experience the different types of travel while in Egypt. It is fun to see what this is like. Also, it may be the only choice you have if you want to go from town to tow.