If you are going to do your own sightseeing planning for your trip to Egypt then there are some attractions that you must consider as “must see”. Then many of the others you can consider as optional.

Karnak Temple Complex

Egypt is known for its many remnants of ruined cities. It can be difficult which site to choose to see. One of the most popular is the Karnak Temple complex. This was a city that took hundreds of years to build. The exquisite workmanship is still highly recognized although the city is in ruins.

The construction of the city was deemed to not have been completed until the end of the Pharaohs rule. The highlight of this city will be the Hypostyle Hall. For an extra added attraction to see pay a visit to the Luxor Temple which is close by. If you visit the temple in the evenings you will get to enjoy a light and sound display.

Temple of Philae

Just as there are many ruined cities in this country there are many ancient temples. All are worth seeing but one that stands out as exceptional is the Temple of Philae. It was constructed way back in 690AD. Today this temple is classed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

What makes it even more interesting is that it was relocated out of necessity. Had it been left on the Philae Island it would have been destroyed by rising island. Some of the folklore that goes with this temple is how sacred it was considered to be. So much so that even the birds would not land upon the shores of the island.

King Tut’s Tomb

This is probably the one that the family will be most familiar with if they know anything about Egyptian history. The Valley of the Kings is something everyone will want to be able to say they visited during their stay in Egypt.