Russia and Egypt World Cup Game

For those who are into researching the favorite sports of Egypt, it is no doubt going to lead them to this country’s involvement in the world of football. The country takes great pride in their involvement in the World Cup series.

Egypt National Football Team

The team’s official name which is quite fitting is the Pharaohs. They are overseen by the Egyptian Football Association. This is an organization that dates back all the way to 1921. For those that are visiting Egypt, it is well worth effort to attend one of the team’ s games that will most likely be played in the Borg El Arab Stadium, located in Alexandria.

An Agonizing Defeat

The Pharaohs put in a great deal of team effort in the latest world cup series but fell short of victory. Their loss occurred in their match with Russia. However, this is not a team that allows defeat to get them down. Especially when they have many impressive past wins to reflect back on. A collection of which is their seven wins of the Africa Cup of Nations. Although in 2017 they took the position of runners-up for the Africa Cup of Nations.

Going Back in time

The very first team to form a national football team in Egypt dates back to 1920. The mandate at that time was to participate in the Belgium summer Olympics. Although they did not fare well in this competition they have gone on to become a very strong contender in the world of football.

For travelers to Egypt, it is well worth watching not only this sport that Egypt takes great pride in but several of the other sports valued in this country. Two prime examples are tennis and squash. Also, many of the other common sports are enjoyed here on various levels.

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