There are a lot of different ways that you can spend your time while in Egypt. It will most likely consist of some sightseeing. With so many things to see and do in Egypt it can be really hard to decide on what attractions to see. An alternative to doing this yourself is to book some sightseeing tours. There are different options when it comes to Egyptian tours.

Egyptian Vacation Tours

With these types of tours, they last for a period of several days. Some are seven-day tours others may be fourteen days. During these tours, the entire vacation is planned out. Each day will have its own itinerary.

The sightseeing segment of this type of tour will consist of planned attractions that will be visited. The most popular tours usually start in Cairo. The important attractions that are within this area will be visited first. There are several of them so it may mean staying in Cairo for a few days. The important sights to see here will include;

  • The Egyptian Museum
  • The Pyramids
  • The Sphinx

Moving on the next stop may be at Luxor. Here the ruins and archaeological sites will be the priority. Most of these tours will include seeing;

  • Karnak
  • Valley of Kings and Queens

Then depending on the length of the tour vacation the next event with be the River Nile Cruise.

Day Tours

For those that don’t want to take a tour vacation, there are opportunities to take day sightseeing tours. These will normally focus on just one key attraction. Some may require an over night stay depending on their location.

Visitors can either use day tour services in the area they are visiting, or they can take their own tours. It is important to plan to spend enough time at each of them so they can be fully enjoyed.