One of the most important travel tips for those that are going to honeymoon in Egypt is to determine how to pick the best destination. This can be a bit of a challenge as Egypt is full of wonderful places for a couple to start their life together.


For those that want to stick with one of the most popular Egyptian destinations then the choice would have to be Cairo. Here there is a little bit of everything that the honeymooners may be looking for. There are some amazing five-star hotels to choose from, that offer the ultimate honeymoon suites. There is plenty of fine dining. Then there is no better place for romance than along the river Nile.

A Cozy Resort

There are some honeymooners who want to spend their time in Egypt enjoying a cozy getaway. For them, a good choice may be Sharm El Sheikh which is a town that has focused on the cozy resort atmosphere. One of the main activities that are appealing to many is the underwater diving. This creates an amazing experience for both new and seasoned divers.


A great alternative to some of the other Egyptian honeymoon choices is Alexandria. There are some extremely beautiful views here for the new couple to enjoy. Then also an opportunity to see one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Which is the Castle of Qaitbay. Added to the sightseeing roster should be the Royal Palace of Haramlek and the queen’s secret hideout in Alexandria.


For those that love the water then these honeymooners may opt for Aswan. Here there is ample opportunity to take cruises to the various historical sites. It is also a region of beauty that can be enjoyed day or night. There are some great choices for accommodation, as well as plenty of options to enjoy different types of cuisine.