One may think that Egypt is only an appropriate travel destination for kids. This assumption is sometimes based on the historical theme that this country is comprised of. But, there are many attractions and things to see and do here in Egypt that it makes for a wonderful family vacation.

Ideal for the older kids

Many of the activities are more geared towards the older children as opposed to babies and toddlers.


Many of the kids love to have their first experience with snorkeling here. Then if it is the right time of the year they will be able to swim with the dolphins as part of their snorkeling experience. This is usually between March and November.

Don’t Miss the Mummies

Some of the kids might not be into seeing the city ruins, but they won’t want to pass up the mummies. The best place to enjoy this event is at the Egyptian Museum. Here they can go to the mummies room. For an extra thrill, they will want to see the Mummification Museum in Luxor.

Camel Tours

Travel about Egypt can also consist of a camel tour, that the entire family is sure to enjoy. There are day tours that make use of the camels as the mode of transportation.


There are some great events entertainment venues in Egypt that have been designed with the kids in mind. Some of these are;

  • KidZania
  • Bowling
  • Escape Room Hurghada
  • Sandboarding

All of the events offer some fun, different and intriguing for not only the kids but the adults too.


The choice of accommodations for the family stay in Egypt also make up part of the travel excursion to Egypt. Many of the five-star hotels have their own roster of events to keep the kids happy and busy the entire time.