US President Donald Trump Supports Egypt

Many Americans along with those in many other parts of the world find Egypt a wonderful country to vacation in. Outside Egyptian tourism, the country has many political struggles, some of which are spilling over into the humanitarian sector. As such, the country under the Presidency of Al-Sis, is creating an aura of controversy.

President Trump

President Trump appears to be supportive of what is taking place in Egypt at least on some points. It seems as though the US president is keen on building relationships with this country for a variety of different reasons.

Many activists are leaning heavy on Mr. Trump to become more involved in human rights as they are depicted in Egypt. However, Mr. Trump does not seem keen on interfering with the country on this level. The US president seems to be more intent on developing trade relations with Egypt. In front of the cameras, Mr. Trump has referred to Egypt’s president as being a “fantastic guy”. Although Trump did try to discourage Al-Sisi from going ahead with the NGO law, and at the time, the Egyptian President seemed to indicate he would comply with Mr. Trump. But, in any event, the law did come into effect.

Tourist Point of View

Although many tourists are aware of the political unrest in Egypt, for many, it does not deter them from visiting the country. Many of the tourists focus on their stay in Cairo, which is known to be the hot spot for tourists. For those visiting there, they are encompassed in many of the activities that the luxury hotels have to offer. Tourists will stick to the common sightseeing attractions. Many that visit there do not go beyond the popular sights, and therefore, may not be exposed to less attractive experiences and viewpoints as to what is going on in the country.

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