World Cup Enthusiasm Raises Man in Wheelchair

There are a lot of tourists that like to take their vacation in Egypt. It is a land of wonders and a country where there is so much to see and do. With the vast amount of activities that take place here, tourists really don’t get much of a chance to really mingle with the residents. There is just not enough time to get to know them. Ironically though a better opportunity may arise elsewhere.

Egyptian Sports Involvement Creates Unity

Egypt has a very impressive football team. One that has worked its way up in this competitive sport. One of its latest endeavors was the team’s involvement in the world cup. While putting forth a valiant effort they still fell short of a win. But, aside from this, they did something just as important if not more. The team’s involvement in the world cup created a unity among the fans that went viral.

Unity among fans

These latest world cup game between the Russia and Egypt teams brought the best out in their spectators. As they gathered together they hoisted an Egyptian man in a wheelchair up above the crowd so he could enjoy the enthusiasm along with the rest. It didn’t matter whose team the fans were rooting for they all had one thing in common. That was to enjoy all that this sport event had to offer. It was a refreshing site and one that truly depicts what a sporting event entails. It is not always about the win or lose.

The Egyptian football team is well known for creating a high level of enthusiasm. They are a team that gives it all whether at a home game or abroad in an international sporting event. Those that visit Egypt will often get a chance to see this team at play in their own stadium.

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